Consider getting premium car detailing services over a basic car wash or starting your own auto detailing business. In that case, it is essential to understand what auto detailing services are properly.

Most people think car detailing and washing are the same process but entirely different. In this blog, we will explain in depth what car detailing services are, the types of auto detailing services, and the difference between car washing and detailing.

What is Auto detailing

Keep reading till the end to find answers to all the questions striking your mind while exploring auto detailing. 


What is Auto Detailing Services?

Automotive detailing, or car detailing, is an advanced version of cleaning a car. Car detailing services are broadly divided into two categories: interior and exterior detailing. 

Car detailing is commonly performed in four steps: cleaning the exterior, correcting the surface by compounding, protecting the surface with polish, ceramic coating, or paint protection films (Car PPF), and cleaning the vehicle’s interior.

In car detailing, the expert will not only clean the surface from the outside. It will also focus on deeply cleaning the interior and leaving your vehicle with light paint correction. Professional auto detailing is labor-intensive and is usually done by hand. 


Difference Between Car Detailing and Washing

After knowing about what is car detailing services, you should know the difference

difference between car detailing and washing. Car wash is a part of detailing, but comparing car detailing and washing is unfair.

Keep reading to explore a Detailed comparison:


1.) Time Required: 

A basic car wash usually takes 15 to 45 minutes, while detailing takes longer. Make sure you have enough time for detailing to ensure your car gets the thorough cleaning it deserves.


2.) Service Price:

Car washing is generally cheaper than car detailing because it involves less time, processes, and products. 

In car detailing, the expert will ensure your vehicle will become flawless, just like you received your vehicle from the showroom. 


3.) Paint Protection:

A normal car wash will shield your vehicle’s paint. But car detailing will help you in preserving the pristine look of your vehicle. Detailing will not only protect the painted surface with Ceramic coating, paint protection films, and other options, minor paint damages will get fixed in car detailing services. 


Types of Auto Detailing Services

Below are some essential services that you can expect from professional Car Detailers: 

Exterior Detailing

The vehicle’s exterior is perfectly cleaned in this process, and any minor imperfection is removed with special techniques. The expert will finally lock the finish with protective wax or sealant to seal the work. 

Services included in exterior detailing are:

  • Hand wash and dry: Firstly, the detailer will clean the surface with mild soap or unique car cleaning products with hands. After cleaning, the surface, including the rims, door handles, and windows, is dried by hand.
  • Paint Claying: Even after washing the vehicle, the painted surface has remaining mineral contaminants. The expert will use a clay bar to remove any leftover dirt or residue from the wash, leaving your paint smooth and clean.
  • Rubbing and Polishing: If the painted surface has minor imperfection, it will be removed in this step. This involves buffing a compound onto your car’s paint to eliminate minor scratches and swirls.
  • Sealing or Waxing: To lock the flawless finish, the detailer will apply a sealant or wax to give your car a shiny finish and protect the paint.


Interior Detailing

In a regular car wash, the vehicle’s exterior is always neglected. But in auto detailing, the professional detailers will ensure the vehicle’s exterior is clean, and you can experience the feeling of a new car freshly rolled out of the vehicle’s showroom.

Below are some services included in interior detailing:

  • Vacuuming: The seats, carpets, and mats are the areas that are highly prone to dust or dirt. All the accumulated dirt and dust gets vacuumed to ensure a clean interior.
  • Scrubbing and Brushing: Any stains on the carpets and mats will be scrubbed away.
  • Steam Cleaning: Tough stains in the carpets and seats will be removed using steam.
  • Glass Cleaning: The windshield and windows of your vehicle will be cleaned with care.
  • Leather Cleaning: The detailing expert will use special cleaners to clean any leather parts in your car.
  • Perfuming: Finally, your vehicle will be sprayed with a deodorizer to leave it smelling fresh.


Extra Services

Apart from exterior and interior services included in car detailing, below are some additional services offered:

  • Paint Correction: Using specialized tools, the detailers will fix imperfections formed on your car’s paint, like swirl marks, minor scratches, dullness, or oxidation.
  • Ceramic Coating: This protective layer is applied to your car’s exterior paint to protect it from damage. This coating protects the exterior vehicle’s paint from discoloration and accumulation of dirt on the surface.
  • PPF (Paint Protection Film): This thin film protects your car’s paint from scratches, UV light, and more, providing comprehensive protection. Also, these films are self-healing in nature; any impact of minor scratches and swirl marks will fade with time.


Benefits of getting car detailing services

Below are some reasons why you should consider spending on car detailing cost:


1.) Improves Resale Value:

A routine car detailing service will improve the appearance of your vehicle. This will enhance the resale value of your vehicle as the future buyer will be willing to spend extra for a car in good condition. 


2.) Removes Stain:

In car detailing, the interior and exterior stains will be removed. This service will bring back the new gloss from the exterior and will give a neat seating experience from the interior. 


3.) Protects Vehicle’s Exterior:

Various environmental contaminants will hamper the painted surface. Suppose your vehicle is protected with ceramic coating or paint protection film. In that case, it will form an additional layer of paint protection, which will block these contaminants from directly coming into contact with the surface. 


4.) Attention to Detail:

Your vehicle is a prized possession, and when you have spent a considerable portion of your income on something, you must worry about handing it over to someone. But in the case of car detailing, you don’t have to worry about this. The detailing experts are trained to pay attention to each step of detail.


5.) Pleasant Driving Experience:

If your vehicle is in top-notch condition, it will leave a positive impression on others. Also, it creates a more enjoyable driving experience.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know what car detailing services are, your next question should be where to get these services. Auto detailing services are the most recommended service for everyone who values perfection and can’t see their vehicle in dull condition. You should trust only experienced detailers with a good market reputation and who have been an industry player for years.  


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)


What is the benefit of auto detailing?

Auto detailing services come with numerous benefits:

  • Improves resale value
  • Preserves vehicle’s aesthetic
  • Improves car’s performance
  • Eliminates bad odor from inside
  • Saves money in long-run 
  • Prevents health issues by maintaining dirt and dust-free vehicle.


What is the difference between a car wash and auto detailing?

In a basic car wash the vehicle’s exterior is washed with mild soap to remove the layer of dust and dirt accumulated on the surface.

On the other hand, in car detailing the interior and exterior of a vehicle is meticulously cleaned. After cleaning and removing minor imperfections, the surface’s shine is locked with sealants and protective films.


Can detailing remove scratches?

Yes detailing can remove scratches with the process known as compounding.


Is car detailing good for cars?

Yes, car detailing is surely good for anyone who can’t compromise their vehicle’s appearance.


Why is detailing so expensive?

Detailing is more expensive than a basic car wash because it is more precise and labor-intensive work.


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