Paint protection film, often called PPF, is like a guardian angel for your car’s paint job. This invisible cloak defends your vehicle against all those pesky scratches, dents, and the harsh sun. In India, where roads can be as unpredictable as the weather, investing in PPF is an intelligent move.

Paint protection film cost in india

ppf price in india

You might be thinking, “But what about the Paint protection film cost in India?” It’s true; the initial price tag can make you think twice. However, let us explain why this investment is worth every rupee. 


What is a Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection films are thick films made of thermoplastic polyurethane applied on top of the body to protect the paintwork underneath. Do you know that the US military first used these protective films during the Vietnam War to shield their helicopter rotor blades and other sensitive parts? PPF price for car will be less than the cost of repairing the damaged parts.

With time, the automotive industry adopted the same technology. The top coat of these films is self-healing; it does wonders in preserving the showroom finish and tackling minor scratches and swirl marks. PPF comes in various textures and finishes such as matte, gloss, colour and textured. These films are excellent solutions for preserving the aesthetic of your vehicle.


6 Factors Affecting PPF Cost in India

If you wonder why PPF Car Coating Price is expensive, it depends on various factors. Mentioned below are some factors discussed in detail:

  • Film’s Quality
  • Vehicle’s Size
  • Manpower Costs
  • Your Location
  • PPF Brand
  • Warranty and After-Sales Service


1.) Film’s Quality:

Higher-quality paint protection film (PPF) tends to come at a higher price. Good quality films have self-healing ability and hydrophobic surfaces. TPU-based films are generally more expensive than TPH films.


2.) Vehicle’s Size:

The cost to install PPF on small cars is comparatively less as the process will be less complicated. On the other hand, PPF on vehicles with more curves and edges might need more work, which can add to the cost.


3.) Manpower Costs:

Applying PPF is not DIY; it needs skilled hands. The labour cost can vary depending on the technician’s expertise and where you’re getting it done (like a high-end shop in a popular city vs a local garage).


4.) Your Location:

The PPF price in India will differ depending on your location. In big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc., where rents and salaries are higher, the PPF installation might cost you more.   


5.) PPF Brand:

The cost will shoot if you go for a better brand and an experienced installer. We recommend you opt for a good-quality installer, as they will ensure a flawless finish. 


6.) Warranty and After-Sales Service:

Some PPFs come with a warranty or even after-sales services like check-ups and touch-ups. These extra services can bump up the initial cost but might save you money in the long run.


What is the Price of a Car/Bike PPF Coating Price in India?

Paint protection films are extraordinary films that shield the painted surfaces from bugs, acidity, corrosion, scratches, swirl marks and much more. These films protect your car for up to 10 years or a lifetime. PPF gives excellent defence against daily wear and tear. If we talk about the full body PPF price for the cars, it starts from Rs.78,000. Meanwhile, the whole-body bike PPF cost starts from Rs. 15,000. These films are the most expensive option.


Paint Protection Film Price in India

Car Type Installation Cost Approx.
Sedan ₹90,000
Hatchback  ₹78,000
SUV ₹1,00,000


Bike PPF Coating Price in India

Bike Installation Cost Approx.
Tank ₹10,000
Full bike ₹15,000
Full bike with fairing ₹20,000


Reasons, why PPF cost, is Worth the Investment

Paint protection film is worth every penny spent preserving your vehicle’s exterior. We will explain to you why you should not hesitate to spend on PPF:


1.) To Safeguard From Road Hazards:

When you take your car out of the garage, it becomes vulnerable to numerous threats that will cause scratches, swirl marks, stains and other damage to the painted surface. PPFs are excellent at absorbing these impacts. Your vehicle’s showroom finish will be unhampered. 


2.) To Block Harmful UV Rays:

Everybody loves that vibrant gloss look of the vehicle. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause paint’s gloss to fade or oxidize. Paint protection films minimize the effect of UV rays and preserve the vehicle’s exterior. 


3.) To Prevent Discoloration:

We are sure even you hate a dull and faded car, right? Your vehicle’s paint fades with time when exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays for longer. PPF acts as a secret weapon, armouring the painted surface.


4.) To Preserve Resale Value:

When your car is shiny and spotless, it will surely attract more and more potential buyers. Paying for Paint Protection Film Cost will be justified as you will enjoy the immaculately finished car and will resell it at a high price. 


5.) To Ease the Maintenance:

PPF is super simple to look after. Its slick surface doesn’t let dirt or dust stick to it much, so you can easily clean it with soap and water. Plus, it will help your car stay shiny.


Wrapping Up

Wrapping up the journey of understanding paint protection film price (PPF) in India, it’s clearer that this isn’t just an exit but a wise investment for your car. Sure, the initial cost might pinch your wallet, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a move that saves you money and hassle. You’re not just protecting your car from the everyday wear and tear of Indian roads but also preserving its beauty and value for years to come.

Think of it as buying peace of mind. Every time you navigate the bustling streets or park under the sun, you are thankful for that invisible shield safeguarding your car. In the end, the benefits of PPF far outweigh the cost. It invests in your car’s longevity, looks, and happiness. So, is it worth the money?